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Character: Mutsu
Series: Sekirei
Character Age: 19-20
Canon: The Sekirei Plan: these days it refers to a mad scientist's scheme to make 108 sexy aliens fight to KO by ripping each other's clothes off, but it wasn't always all fun and games. The first five Sekirei — including Sekirei #05, Mutsu — were raised from infancy to become a "Disciplinary Squad". They sank battleships and destroyed tanks, and were strong enough to hold off international invasion forces all on their own. But the amount of death (and the hyperactive, domineering nature of the other Squad members) never really sat well with the stoic Mutsu. When the invasion ended, Mutsu walked away from the carnage to try to find himself... and ended up getting kissed and "winged" (an act most Sekirei consider equivalent to marriage) by a hyperactive, dominant rich brat, Mikogami. Oops!

Mutsu has since resigned himself to the life of the put-upon sidekick to an energetic fifteen-year-old with no social conscience. And although Mutsu complains to no end about it, he aids Mikogami in his goal of collecting Sekirei like most kids collect comics. Mutsu has a very long-suffering attitude, perpetually the straight man to all the absurd people who surround him. He likes to think of himself as the contained and conservative "silent noble samurai" figure, but he's more of "the bitch" — and one who barely tolerates the indignities and bellyaches about them constantly. To be fair, he's got reasons to grumble, since Mikogami isn't above either using him as a deadly killing weapon against anyone who draws his petulant rage
or sexually harassing him the moment they're alone together. Even Mutsu has trouble understanding how he can love Mikogami some days. But although he'll commit all sorts of cruelties for Mikogami's sake (albeit with an irritable protest or ten), Mutsu isn't hard-hearted. He sympathizes a great deal even with his opposition, and is willing to provide a dubious listening ear or a word of cynical encouragement.

Sample App:

I should have realized.

"Mutsuuuu, I want to go to summer camp, let's go to summer camp, Mutsuuuuu!" It's never that simple, is it? That brat, playing on my desperate need for a vacation like this. It'll be nice, Mutsu. We can get away from the rest of my household stuffed so full of Sekirei that I've lost count for a while, Mutsu. Just the two of us, Mutsu — oh, no, don't be silly, Mutsu, you can't go by yourself... as if I could be convinced by anything BUT the promise of some peace and quiet, and it's not like I'd get any around him. Ah, but if my idiot master was going to say that much, perhaps he should have made some effort to stay near me, so I wouldn't end up all by myself in the middle of a cornfield.

In fact, the only people I've come across here is what appears to be a zombie bridal party — and I can't even believe I'd be put in a situation where I could say such a thing. Admittedly, it doesn't exactly look like a happy wedding; the bride's rotting, not blushing, and if the only thing weeping about her is her sores. Thanks to my life at my master's side, I'm fluent enough in 'incoherent moron' to make out the gist of their conversation... without a doubt, it's an arranged marriage. The girl's due to wed some 'hairy brute'... ahhh, if she doesn't want to, why doesn't she leave? She's even practicing her wedding oath: to have and to hold 'til gunshot wound do them part. What kind of oath is that? Even under the circumstances, mine was better. What's wrong with a simple traditional "forever and ever"?

... But who am I to criticize anyone else's marriage? Even if she doesn't wish to do it, she's choosing to go through with it. I've no right to express any kind of distaste for arranged marriages given the number I've participated in. And perhaps it'd be worth it to her. Maybe marrying a primate really seems like a good way out of a life among her fellow brain-eating undead; marriage has always been one way to leave the nest. If they're a different species, and if he's unrefined like they say, it'd probably be rocky now and then... but it's their decision to make. Maybe she'd even grow to love him in time. And... perhaps for all his flaws, he'd...

Anyway, her decision is none of my concern. My concern is more with their talk of a 'wedding feast'; a zombie's eating habits are pretty famous. With my master still at large, it's hard not to worry — after all, he's technically a brainy guy, even if he's thoughtless enough that they might not see him as their natural prey. And though I know Mikogami won't appreciate what I do for him, I can't risk losing him to them. If there's no wedding, there will be no feast. I'll guarantee it'll be called off: the rest of the wedding party, including the groom, will die. I'll let her survive, though; perhaps it will be painful, but she still has the potential to thrive, free from her relatives' influence and without having their arrangements forced on her.

It might not be the sort of message I'd usually leave in a guest book, but my apologies to the bride, and my best wishes for luck in her future unlife.

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